Weight Loss Management

A FITWORX Fit Coach will be assigned to you to help you reach your goals. They will go over the progress you have achieved with your fitness routine as well as help you make the best lif
estyle choices to reach and maintain a healthy way of life. This includes weekly weigh-ins along with a monthly re-evaluation to measure the results from the previous month. Our program utilizes a high protein, low carbohydrate and moderate fat macronutrient profile. Following this profile along with ensuring the proper vitamins and minerals will have an exponential effect on your weight loss. A FITWORX FitCoach will develop a meal plan with you and make adjustments as needed during each consultation. You will also be given a food journal to track your food intake. Our goal is for you to leave each evaluation with a new starting point and the tools and motivation to keep you on your path to a healthier lifestyle.

Accountability drives consistency, and consistency of positive action is the key to improvement. Accountability means being held answerable for accomplishing a goal or assignment. Participants are highly involved in setting clear, challenging yet attainable goals and objectives, and given the tools to accomplish those goals.