Cardiorespiratory Fitness


While you may come in to do cardio anytime, 30 min of cardiovascular activity is required on the days you do your strength training. This can be done before or after the weight training session as well as broken up, part of it before and part of it after. Interval training will be introduced and explained by a FITWORX FitCoach early on to increase the effectiveness of the program.

Cardiorespiratory exercises are workouts that force your body to burn fat through the aerobic respiration process to produce energy. Also known as cardiovascular or aerobic exercises, these workouts are vital for muscle development and they require a given amount of endurance. A lack of aerobic fitness elicits adverse metabolic changes that can lead to type 2 Diabetes.

Engaging in regular cardiorespiratory activity improves insulin sensitivity and glucose regulation, which decreases your risk for type 2 diabetes. Increased heart beats strengthen your heart’s muscles and lower your chances of developing cardiovascular complications such as heart attack and stroke.